Illustrated Drills for Soccer That You Can Print Out and Use During Your Practice Sessions

After creating this site I felt that adding a free drills section could be a good idea but I wasn't really sure about whether visitors would find it valuable or not.

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However, after receiving several e-mails from different people asking me where to find free drills I decided to create this page.

To create the drills I was in need of some fresh ideas. After working on it for a while it came up to me that users may like to post their own drills and on that way help others.

So, I created a form that you can use to post your own drills and ideas. So, if you have a drill that you think will add value to this section please post it.

Different Soccer Skills

A soccer player needs to master many different skills (e.g. soccer moves, shooting, passing etc.) in order to be successful on the soccer field.

Once a player learns a skill he or she will also need to maintain it. The best way for doing that is to participate in various drills.

The fundamental thing a soccer player need to know about soccer drills is that he really needs to work hard during them in order to develop his skills.

I know by experience that many soccer players do not actually focus on the drills. Instead, they see them as something that needs to be done during the practice and then forget about them.

The danger with this behavior is that the players will become less focused during the real games which will impact negatively on their performance.

You see, it is not enough to practice on various drills if you never reflect over how you can use them in real game situations.

Every time you participate in a drill, you need to imagine how this drill could help you during your actual games.

Don't just perform the drill, activate your creativity and start to think outside of the box.

Real World Example

To state an example let's discuss how a simple shooting drill can make you think outside the box.

During a shooting drill, you will, in most cases, kick the ball with the maximum power possible because you probably think that the harder the shot is the bigger the chance for scoring a goal.

However, you should be aware of that getting that ball on the goal is much more important than kicking the ball with tremendous power.

So, by actually reflecting over the drill, you have discovered that a hard shot is not a guarantee for scoring more goals.

If you start to reflect over the drills you will soon notice that you are actually using what you've learned during the drills in real soccer games.

Learn the Benefits

So, don't just perform the drills, be sure to know the benefits of them. Several of drills in this section are pretty general, like passing (which is the most basic skill in soccer) or shooting (you will not score any goals if you don't know how to shoot).

Other drills are more specific, like how to dribble past an opponent successfully or how to play 2 vs. 1. You are free to print out the drills presented here and take them to your soccer sessions.

Some of the drills presented here are aimed specially for coaches while others can be used by anyone. I will update this section regularly, but I hope that you will also help me out with that by adding new and fresh drills.

Defensive Drills

Soccer Goalie Drills

Offensive Drills

Conditioning Drills

Individual Drills

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